Videoclip The blood

Videoclip “The blood” by Sion Capçana for DO Binissalem. the poet recites from the heart the values ​​that define the DO Binissalem.

Barefoot on the mud

Harvesting blood

“The Blood” by Sion Capçana for DO Binissalem

Videoclip The blood

Ripe grapes, deep bucket

We get all the juice out, we’re pretty stubborn

We want the best as a tribute

For our shield

Because they are present in every vintage

the generations that have already left

the hands that aged

the tradition from which everything emanates

We are five villages, which add up to one

A commitment to a longing

Remove gold from a red berry

Giró ros and Manto negro

Callet, Moll, Gargollassa

And at every step

A winery that is a candy

Barefoot on the mud

Harvesting blood

The one that runs inside us

And the one that springs from boots

We come from the countryside

Modern as ever

But always the field

Binissalem Designation of Origin

On Earth, Vine and Wine

We owe him everything

Videoclip The blood. Translated by Jason Moore