Remember when an aroma transports you to a special place or moment? That hour down in the sun or on the beach, a sunset, the summer party, a lunch with friends... evocative like a perfume, this is DO Binissalem wine! Quality moments DO Binissalem!
Wine is to enjoy and delight, it is:
A landscape that changes with each season and that makes you fall in love when you see it
Moment at the vineyard Foto: M.Torres
In the center of the Island of Mallorca, the DO Binissalem is made up of the municipalities of Santa Maria del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Santa Eugènia and Sencelles, municipalities of Raiguer and Pla de Mallorca. A historic wine-growing region due to the characteristics of the soil and climate, where vineyard plantations are concentrated.
Classic and new wineries where quality wines are made and bottled, wines elaborated with local grape varieties, protected by the Binissalem Denomination of Origin.

The historical dates in the region are numerous, but the most important is the adaptation of winegrowers and wineries to technological advances and scientific knowledge that allow them to adapt to climate change and bring out the maximum expression and quality of local varieties of grapes, meeting the challenges of the market and offering current and unique wines to consumers.

Callet. Foto: Miquel Torres

Manto negro, Callet, Gargollassa, Giró ros, Moll…and other grape varieties in the a project of authorization, are the grape varieties carefully cultivated by winegrowers, which are the key and starting point for obtaining quality wines, which express the bond with the “terroir”.

As experience and different studies show, the local varieties have an excellent behavior when the climatic conditions are more extreme. The location of this wine-growing area, geographically, is no coincidence either, it is the result of Mallorca’s wine-growing history due to the characteristics of the soil and climate that this area presents.

Summer moments. Foto: M. Torres


The authorized local grape varieties and others in project, are unique varieties that imprint specific sensorial characteristics, which together with the climatic conditions allow obtaining the maximum expression of the fruit in the wines: aromas, structure and balance.

The wines of the DO Binissalem are current, singular and unique. Aromatic wines with structure and balance that appeal to young and old and that make every moment, a special moment! 

Wines that will accompany special moments, moments of quality, because in the glass there are the aromas of the "terroir", the Vineyard and the Landscape of the DO Binissalem, to share with the best gastronomy and, always in good company! 
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Always consume responsibly. "Wine in moderation"
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