Bodega Biniagual

Bodega Biniagual

The Biniagual Winery brings together winemaking history, charming landscape, modern vinification methods, traditional architecture, quality wines, crop varieties and natural beauty.

The Biniagual Winery is a family run business dedicated to the wine production on soil used traditionallly for the same purpose, whose core is the village of Biniagual with its 14 houses, a chapel and a historic winery. A picturesque and quiet place surrounded by vineyards, olive and trus groves, almond and carob trees and fields of cereals. To all this, a flock of 300 sheep is added to help with the natural soil fertilization.

For its wines, the Biniagual Winery relies mainly on the native varieties, typical of the Island, such as Manto Negro and Prensal Blanc, to give each and every one of its wines an unmistakably Majorcan character. This is how the wine ranges Finca Biniagual -with Gran Verán and Verán- and Memòries de Biniagual are known.

The quality of the wines of the Biniagual Winery is based on the work in the vineyard, which in Biniagual is carried out entirely by hand (from pruning in winter to harvest in summer) and in harmony and respect for nature.

Biniagual follows the rules for Integrated Production, an agricultural production system that integrates natural resources and agricultural production techniques to minimize the use of fertilizers, plant protection products etc. and guarantees sustainable food production through the preferential use of environmentally friendly techniques. In addition to the wines, Biniagual produces olive oil and orange and lemon jams, quality products that are produced environmentally friendly.

Biniagual offers visits and wine tastings by appointment.