Ca'n Verdura Viticultors

Ca'n Verdura Viticultors

The origins of Ca’n Verdura date back six generations, working and cultivating the Binissalem vineyards between “possessions” (large agricultural farms) and wineries, which for centuries have surrounded the quintessential wine village of Majorca. Following this tradition, the project could only be understood in one way, making wines with a Majorcan character, with native varieties such as Mantonegro, Callet and Moll; in short, Binissalem wines. The viticulture of recent years has been introducing varieties from other areas, proclaiming them noble, much to the detriment of native varieties.

The philosophy of Ca’n Verdura is to break with this fashion trend and demonstrate that with the Mantonegro you can make wines with great representative character and personality

In 2010, the adventure of Ca’n Verdura began, without its own winery, using Mantonegro grapes from the “padrí” (grandfather) farm, regaining the variety and adapting it to modern production methods. It was the first step of what it would be, two years later, the Celler Ca’n Verdura. That year about 700 bottles were made.

In 2012, the doors of Ca’n Verdura were opened, in an old garage in the center of the  Binissalem village. With its own winery, the elaboration of the  family wines called Ca’n Verdura begins, looking for the nuances that the different viticultural distinctions of the Binissalem region can offer.

During the following years, Ca’n Verdura has been maturing, always maintaining its original essence, character and family tradition, while adapting the requirements of each vintage. In this way, they have been able to capture the ideas and intentions preserved from the beginning.