Presentation and functions

Presentation and functions

Presentation and functions

The Regulatory Council (CR) is an associative entity made up of winemakers and wineries included in the registers.

The CR is in charge of the management of the registrations and resources of the Denomination of Origin; to ensure its prestige, its defence and promotion, informing consumers about the specific quality characteristics; to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions, through control and certification; and to prepare the annual report. To carry it out, the CR has qualified technical personnel.

The CR of the DO Binissalem is a member, since 1991, of the Spanish Conference of Viticulturally Regulatory Councils (CECRV). Organism that promotes, defends and represents the DDOO and quality wines, in front of national and European public administrations.


The Plenary of the Regulatory Council is the governing body of the DO. It is formed by the representatives of the winegrowers and the wineries, elected by vote every 4 years, which propose the technical members, the president, the vice president and the secretary, who are appointed by the General Directorate of Agriculture.

Antoni Martí VallèsEsperança Nadal GalmésPere Calafat
Pep Rodríguez RuizTomeu Llabrés Gilet
Marco Spiriti
Tomeu Cañellas VichJosé Luis Roses
Mathieu Pichenot
Antoni Santandreu GarcíasGuillem Suñer

President: José L. Roses
Vicepresident: Esperança Nadal
Secretary: Margarita Amat