¿Do you like to travel and get to know places where vines are grown and wines are made, discover unique wines, get to know local grape varieties, visit vineyards and wineries, impregnate with the scents of the landscape, get lost on roads and trails discovering towns and villages, talk with the local people, discover the local gastronomy that you will always accompany with a local wine…? Sometimes the closest and most accessible is the most unknown. ¿Have you yet discovered the winemaking history of Mallorca?

Mallorca is an Island known for its beautiful coastal or high mountain landscapes, but not so much for its rural inland landscape, for its vineyards or for its wines. The Binissalem Denomination of Origin, with 30 years of history, was the first Denomination of Origin in Mallorca. It has a long winemaking tradition that dates back to the first century. It enjoys an excellent location, where the soil and climate, together with the native grape varieties, result in wines of differentiated quality, with a Mediterranean character, which accompany the rich and varied local cuisine.
Getting away from the hustle and bustle and strolling through the streets of the towns, getting to know their people and their history, participating in the festivals, enjoying the local cuisine or strolling through a market are some of the attractions of the DO Binissalem region.
In the five municipalities that make up the Denomination of Origin Binissalem, Santa Maria del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Santa Eugènia and Sencelles, you will discover the trace of our ancestors who never stopped cultivating the vineyard and making wine throughout history.

The Sierra de Tramuntana, the highest mountain range on the island, is the backdrop to the DO Binissalem, which it protects from cold north winds and frost. Quaternary calcareous sediments make up stony soils, where the vine grows in harmony with other woody plants, almond trees, carob trees, olive trees and wild olive trees … The autochthonous varieties, Manto negro, Callet, Moll, Giró ros, Gargollassa … express in their fruits the essence of the natural environment where they are grown, giving rise to expressive wines, with a lot of character and high quality.

The work in the vineyard is multiple and complex, it requires knowledge of the soil, the climate and the grape varieties to obtain the maximum quality of the fruit. Winter pruning, tillage of the land, spring green treatments and pruning, control of production and ripening when the harvest approaches…
The grapes grown with care and care by the vine growers, in small areas that make up the landscape of the region. Wines are produced in the wineries distributed in the 5 municipalities of the DO Binissalem.

Wineries with history and charm and magical vineyards, which you can enjoy as a couple, as a family or with friends in a unique experience, which transforms the visitor into the protagonist of the proposed activities.
You can visit the wineries and vineyards enjoying some of the activities they offer, guided tours, tastings, pairings, workshops, concerts … where you will discover the history of Mallorca wine.
The oenologists and, many times, owners of the small wineries, will explain, their history, how they cultivate the vines and make the wines. Whites, rosés, young reds, aged reds, sparkling wines and some sweet wines. Discover the nuances of the local varieties and the “terroir” in each bottle of wine.

Pruning a vineyard, having lunch or dinner among vines makes the wines transmit the aromas and flavors of the landscape and the land; Taste the native varieties, Mantonegro, Callet, Moll, Giró ros, Gargollassa … unique and singular;

Visit the wineries and move between tanks and barrels, perceiving the aromas of the wine making and the wood where they are refined until the desired quality is achieved; Directed tastings or courses to get started in the world of wine to understand what each wine tells us, each drop; Enjoy culture, always hand in hand with wine, theater, music, art…; Letting yourself be guided by the peoples who tell us about other cultures, Romans, Arabs … through their architecture, their names, their legends and their people; Live the popular festivals always accompanied by our own gastronomy where we toast with wine, the wine that joins us.

Visiting a vineyard at sunset is a unique experience; it is discovering the calm and the light of inland Mallorca, the different aromas of the countryside in each season of the year.

According to the Mediterranean diet, wine is considered one more food. A food that consumed in moderation is healthy, due to its chemical composition rich in antioxidants. Wine is part of our culture, traditions and festivals. Wine is present in architecture, literature, painting, sculpture and is present in the landscape and gastronomy of Mallorca.
The local gastronomy, rich and varied, is, without a doubt, the best accompaniment to DO Binissalem wines. “Frito mallorquín, “Sopas mallorquinas”, “fideus de vermar”, “arròs amb salseta”, “variat”, “porcella rostida”, “aguiat de pop”, “llom amb col” “arròs de peix” “tumbet”, trampó, “coca de prebes torrats” and an incredible seafood gastronomy are some of the most traditional dishes that you cannot miss, without forgetting sweet dishes such as “ensaimada”, “gató”, “cremadillo”, almond ice cream, greixonera de brossat , coca amb albercoc, cardinal, “cuarto embetumat” … ideal to finish a meal.
In addition, you will also discover seasonal cuisine and local products, avant-garde cuisine, of most of the renowned local chefs and, you will find the right wine for each savoury or sweet dish!

The approach to wineries and wines in events held in emblematic places to enjoy magical moments .

And learn from first hand that, “Wine Days” are “all days” and that there is a story in each bottle of wine and a wine for each story.

We invite you to know our history, so that are going to be your history, too.

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