Even so, on the new website of the DO Binissalem neither the images nor the words will leave you indifferent.
Start your trip and discover the uniqueness of the DO Binissalem!

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Browsing the DO Binissalem website is traveling to the territory, enjoying the landscape, the towns and villages… of our history, culture and traditions and the wine-related parties.

We talk about the history, the landscape, the wines, the native grape varieties and the production, elaboration and marketing statistics.

In recent years, wine tourism is another activity of wineries. The ‘Wine Route’ offers you a tourist attraction to visit the territory, the vineyards and the wineries, tasting the wines of the DO accompanied by the local cuisine. Getting lost in a market, visiting a cultural centre, walking along a path between vineyards or through the streets of towns and villages, with details of a unique architecture in each of them.

The DO is made up of 5 municipalities in the centre of Mallorca, Santa Maria del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Santa Eugènia and Sencelles, which make up a wine territory with a tradition and excellence recognised in the world, a tradition that moves to celebrations. The wine-related festivals, Festa des Vermar de Binissalem, the Festa del Vi Novell de Santa Maria, Wine Days… are some of the events that take place in the region and that increasingly have more local and foreign visitors.

The people who are part of this Designation of Origin work in different fields, the wine growers and winemakers, to preserve the landscape of vineyards and the legacy received from the ancestors, producing a quality grape and making unique wines with a marked character, printed by them characteristics of the soil, climate and local grape varieties.

The technicians work to promote the DO and verify compliance with the product specifications. We explain the certification, the verification by the Regulatory Council that the wines comply with the Specification, which translates into the label numbered with the DO Binissalem mark, which you will find in all the bottles of wines covered by the DO Binissalem.

Miquel Torres, our photographer, has managed to convey the essence of the DO with his photographs, the images tell a story, a story that is alive and transmitted from generation to generation…

As the launch of this new page of the DO Binissalem, we will raffle 15 places for the next tasting course among the subscribers during october.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste them!

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